Eco Museum sheltering refugees from Kharkiv

An eco-museum, comprising century-old huts preserved in the region of Poltava, has been remodelled as a shelter for refugees fleeing the bombarded city of Kharkiv. The adaptation of the huts for the needs of the new residents has involved removing numerous objects decorating the interiors from the walls and cupboards – including exhibits from the times of the World War 1 and one copy of the Borodianka rooster, which has become one of the symbols of the Russian aggression on Ukraine. The precious paintings, dishes and old embroideries have been closed in wardrobes and the current residents are preparing to survive in the makeshift conditions for the coming months. The owners of the eco-museum still believe though that all the exhibits are going to return to their designated place and will again attract interest of tourists. Before this happens, the untypical shelter will continue to house refugees – to date it has done so for nearly 50 Ukrainians.


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