Latvia gives a hand to the Ivankiv Museum

Artists from Riga have decided to support the reconstruction of the devastated Ivankiv Museum of History and Local Lore (in the Kiev region) by making mosaic paraphrases of the works by Ukrainian artist Maria Prymachenko. The head of the Mosaic Art Studio in Riga, Vadym Vernyk, said he had been a long-time admirer of the Ukrainian artist’s work. When he heard that the museum where her works were stored had burnt down, he decided to recreate some of the works as mosaics. It eventually turned out that the fire had destroyed the facility itself, but Maria Prymachenko’s paintings were saved. The project is still ongoing – the participating artists want to present the results of their work on Riga’s feast day (18th August). Once the exhibition is over, the mosaics will be donated to the Ivankiv cultural facility.


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