Odessa’s Vorontsov Palace damaged

OdessaVorontsov Palace, one of the city’s the gems of 19th-century architecture, has suffered damage as a result of recent rocket fire. Explosions have damaged the windows, bas-reliefs on the facade and the roofing. With the city’s precious architecture under threat, Mayor Gennady Trukhanov has appealed to UNESCO to enter Odessa onto the World Heritage List. “We must preserve our architecture for future generations – not only those of Odessa, but also those of the whole world,” he has appealed.

Count Vorontsov’s residence is located at the end of the Seaside Boulevard, on a steep escarpment where the Turkish fortress Yeni-Dunya and a much more ancient Greek polis used to be located. The palace was built in the Empire style, designed by a Sardinian architect Francesco Boffo.

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