The destroyed heritage of Mariupol – part 2

The defense of Mariupol has become a symbol of the Ukrainian struggle for independence in the face of Russian aggression. The city was destroyed in over 90% – not only residential buildings, public and industrial infrastructure, but also historic architecture and cultural institutions lay in ruins. The Russians intentionally bombed i.a. Palace of Youth Culture – the former Continental Hotel, built in 1887-1910. This building was the centre of creativity of Mariupol, as well as an architectural landmark of the city. The famous history of this place dates back to the late 19th century, when the Continental Hotel was located here. In its basement there was a typographical workshop of the Goldryn brothers, where postcards with views of the city were printed. During World War I, Haidamite troops fought against the Bolsheviks within the walls of the hotel, and in 1920 the building became the headquarters of the commander of the Black and Azov Sea naval forces. During World War II, the hotel housed the German military command, and executions were carried out in its courtyard. After the war, the building became the Palace of Metallurgist Culture of the “Azovstal” factory. – painting and theater studios and the city orchestra operated here.

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