The Russians have destroyed the historic school in Lysychansk

As a result of a Russian bombardment on 1 May, the Lysychansk Gymnasium in Luhansk Oblast (region) of Ukraine burnt down. The 19th century historic school building – along with surrounding buildings – was part of the infrastructure of the former Lysychansk Soda Factory. The location of the factory was suggested to the Tsar by the Russian scientist Dmitry Mendeleev. Its construction was supervised by the Belgian engineer Ernest Solve. As part of the investment, chalk mines and a glass factory were opened in the area; a new railway section and a cable car, as well as the first high-voltage line in the Donbass, were built. For the residents of Lysychansk, the Gymnasium has always been a symbol of the city’s development – the school anthem includes the words “Gymnasium – the beginning of all beginnings, you are the home of my hope and the haven of my youth”; the school is one of the best Ukrainian educational establishments. Not surprisingly, despite the destruction, efforts have been made to rebuild the historic school – more about this initiative at

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