The unique stone ‘baba’ survives the shelling in Konstantinivka

The Russians once again shelled the town of Konstantinivka, including the local history museum located near the town. During the attack, the last exhibit that could not have been evacuated – a stone ‘baba’ (an anthropomorphic stone statue) – was machine-gunned. This unique monument is being prepared for evacuation, which is not an easy task.

Rita Karpova, director of the Kostiantynivka City Museum of Local Lore stresses[IK2] that – “The stone ‘baba’ is a unique object. Only a few of them are left in the Donetsk region – no more than five. Ours was found in the village of Novopoltavka in the Kostantinivka district. Next to the ‘baba’ is a ‘dancing man’- a warrior with a spear,” she told Free Radio.

This unique stone statue is the last museum exhibit yet to be moved to a safer location. Now experts are preparing it for shipment.

“We have evacuated all the exhibits, except for the stone ‘baba,’ because it is sunk in the ground. We couldn’t do it ourselves, so we have requested help from people who help all the museums in the northern part of the Donetsk region,” – Rita Karpova explains.

Novopoltavka is a village in Ukraine, in the Kherson region, which had 430 inhabitants in 2001. Among them, 369 indicated Ukrainian as their mother tongue, 57 Russian, 1 Hungarian, 2 Belarusian, and 1 German.


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