UNESCO Committees on the Centre’s activities

he 6th Meeting of the Informal European Network of Committees for UNESCO is taking place in Reykjavik, 8-10 May 2022 under the theme “From Strategy to Action”. The opening plenary session of the meeting was devoted to assistance to Ukraine. It was virtually attended by Artur Oganov, Secretary General of the Ukrainian Committee for UNESCO. Alicja Jagielska-Burduk, Secretary General of the Polish Committee for UNESCO made a presentation on “To help Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees in Poland: new system developments in Polish education and science sectors”, talking about the activities of Polish Support Center for Culture in Ukraine

The informal European Network of Committees for UNESCO brings together national committees from European Union Member States and candidate countries, EFTA countries and European micro-states using the euro currency. It was established in 2015 to facilitate the exchange of experience and cooperation at UNESCO among its member committees. Its 2nd Meeting, in 2016, was held in Poland, in Krakow.

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