Postcards from Ukraine

The Ukrainian Institute in Kyiv has launched ‘Postcards from Ukraine’ project. Postcards prepared by graphic designers, however, do not depict picturesque nature and beautiful cities of our Eastern neighbour. The main theme is photos of destroyed historical sites, juxtaposed with their state from just a few months ago. Thus, the creators of the project want to emphasise that Russian troops are ruining Ukraine’s cultural heritage on a daily basis. All this is deliberate – the Russians directly fire at temples, museums, monuments, theatres, university buildings, cultural centres, cinema theatres and burial grounds of various denominations.

The aim of the ‘Postcards from Ukraine’ project is to inform the international community about the extent of damage to Ukrainian culture. Staff at the Ukrainian Institute in Kyiv are asking people to share posts with images of the destroyed sites using the hashtag #PostcardsFromUkraine.


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